Meditation Teacher Training

Now learn and become a Certified and worldwide recognized Meditation Teacher with Rishikul Yogshala. The course is of 200 hours and will be provided with a deep and profound knowledge on Meditation. Our school provides a certification to you after the completion of the meditation course and the certificate given to you is a worldwide known and recognized Meditation certification which will help you become a Meditation Teacher or Meditation Instructor at any place around the globe.

Why Rishikul Yogshala for Meditation TTC? :

We will be glad to welcome you for Meditation Teacher Training course which is a worldwide recognized certification course:

  • Well known Meditation School
  • Professional Teacher 
  • Worldwide Recognized Certification
  • Lifetime lessons
  • Post Course Support

200 Hour Meditation Teacher Certification:

Yoga Alliance is an international organization which supports Meditation Schools along with Meditation Teachers. Our school Rishikul Yogshala in Kerala is completely RYS 200 Yoga Alliance affiliated. When students complete their Meditation Teacher Training from our school, they become eligible to be Registered Meditation Teachers and can register with the Yoga Alliance for RYT 200 or RYT 500 as per their education. Once you are registered with the Yoga Alliance one will hire you without any doubt which will make your Meditation journey easy.

What will you Leave?

  • What is the perfect method to do Meditation precisely.
  • Understanding Meditation and it’s Science.
  • How to be confident to start teaching Meditation.
  • Structuring and setup of classes.
  • About Meditation and Neuroscience.
  • Tips for teaching 18 Meditation Scripts.
  • What are the different traditions of Meditation.
  • Fundamental principle of Meditation.
  • Learn how we should be integrating meditation in our daily lives.
  • Differentiating between different types of Meditation.
  • Anatomy to find correct sitting position.
  • Do’s and Don’ts while teaching Mediation.

Course Topics:

  • About Mediation
  • Origin of Meditation and it’s Development
  • Different types of Meditation and their Tradition
  • Meditation’s Philosophy
  • About physical, astral and spiritual bodies
  • About 5 Pranas and 5 Koshas
  • Proved effect on Brainwave
  • Proved effect on Nervous System
  • Benefits on body, emotions and mind
  • Different types of Meditation themes
  • Meditation Scripts Analysis
  • Meditation and Pratyahara
  • Difference between Meditation and Concentration
  • Difference between Meditation and Hypnosis
  • Difference between Meditation and Relaxation
  • Difference between Meditation and Visualization
  • Preferred asanas for Meditation
  • Preferred Pranayama for Meditation
  • Healing from Meditation


  • There are pine trees, with exotic and gorgeous beaches filled with the beauty of nature which will make your heart melt just by looking around.
  • Beautiful as well as clean cottages are provided for the stay.
  • Both twin sharing and private rooms with and without AC are provided as per preferences.
  • You will have a very comfortable room to stay in as the mattresses provided are soft so that you will not get back pain and can have a good night’s sleep.
  • Food is also included with the accommodation.


100% Vegetarian food is provided which is a pure Yogic diet and good for health according to Ayurveda also.

If a student is Vegan or wants Gluten-free food, they can simply just ask the member of the staff for food changes according to their preferences. Every day one meal from the whole day meal will be rich in protein so that students can have the energy to do some hard energy-efficient Meditation asanas like Hatha, Ashtanga, etc.

Daily Schedule: About Our Meditation Teacher Training Course

Meditation Teacher Training course is mainly a four-week course in which students stay at Meditation school and turn their daily schedule according to the Meditation school also Meditation schools are based on both the ancient and modern systems of India in which students and teachers stay at the same residential place. This will help students and teachers to know each other better and hence improvement in coordination and practice will be seen. When both students and teachers will be available on the same campus then they can ask any queries or can ask for help in practice at any hour of the day. When one is enrolled in a Meditation teacher training course then they are given only yogic food to live and understand the lifestyle of a yogi better. Meditation teacher training’s sole purpose is not only to make one a Meditation teacher but to let the person know the dimensions of life and peace of mind.

Pricing Plan:

USD69925 Days

Meditation Yoga TTC Onlinel

Course starting Date: 7th Nov - Ending Date: 30th Nov 

Course starting Date: 7th Jan - Ending Date: 30th Jan 

Daily 4 hours classes


Morning 5:30 AM - 7:30 AM & Evening 5:30 AM - 7:30 AM

USD120025 Days

Meditation Yoga TTC Residential

Arrival Date: 6th
Course starting Date: 7th - 30th
Departure date: 31st or 1st

Nov | Jan

The Kerala Retreat, Kalakkodu, pattambil, parvoor, Kerala

Strength of Rishikul Yogshala Kerala And its location

Our strength is:
  • We got a very friendly and well-behaved staff.
  • Priority for qualitative teaching over quantitative teaching is always preferred.
  • We got all the professional and recommended Meditation Teachers only.
  • Student’s opinion matters, and we will do our best to consider students are not getting any problem with the course.
  • We got a chef who isa master in Ayurvedic food
  • A safe and secure environment is provided so that everyone can learn Meditation better without any problem.
  • We got Meditation Teachers who don’t only know how to do Meditation as a Yogi but also know the nutritional part of a Yogi’s food which will help you to also know about the nutritional part of Ayurvedic food.
Our Meditation school venue is in The Kerala Retreat which is spread over many acres and is a very beautiful property which is attached to a gorgeous lake so that everyone can spend some quality time or can just walk around and admire the beauty of nature the location is just perfect surrounded with beautiful as well as enormous pine trees reflecting an exotic scenery soothing both the eyes and mind just by looking at it and also the location is between Kappil beach and Varkala beach making it easy for anyone to visit beaches if anyone wants to.

Included Excursions

On Week Offs:
  • Visit to Kappil Beach for sunset Meditation
  • Visit toVarkala Beach
  • For shopping
  • Visit to beautiful Temples and Ashrams
  • Boating in backwater and many more places.

What is included

  • Non Ac Accommodations shared or single cottages
  • 3 Vegetarian & Yogic meals in a Day
  • 4 times Different Types of Herbal Teas
  • Free wireless Internet
  • Mindful Fun of Games
  • One Special event from the Local Community

Eligibility Criteria:

  • If you don't have any experience in Meditation there is no need to worry, no minimum experience is required in the 200 Hours of Meditation Teacher Training course.
  • English is important but if you are not good with English just basic communication skills will work.
  • There is no minimum age until and unless you are focused on your Yogic career.
  • You should be both physically fit and mentally sound to join the course

Health and Hygiene

  • Healthy Drinks and Food are always emphasized to Boost Immunity
  • All staff are fully vaccinated
  • Staff follow all safety protocols as directed by the local government
  • Hand sanitizer available in key areas
  • Linens, towels and laundry are washed in line with local authority guidelines.
  • Student accommodation is disinfected between stays
  • Equipment for activities is disinfected before and/or after use.
  • From time to time Student's and staff health will be checked

Key takeaways

What you will take along with a Meditation TTC Certificate:
  • A healthy mind and body will help you think calmly and more efficiently about your career.
  • A deeper knowledge about your body, yourself and Meditation itself.
  • A more deep knowledge will let you find different dimensions of Meditation and life.
  • A sole purpose of being alive and what life is all about.
  • A confident person who is ready to teach their students.

Meditation not only provides you with a certificate and title of a Meditation Teacher or Meditation Instructor but it also provides you with the knowledge about life more precisely and to dive into those dimensions which were hidden from you your whole life, Meditation gives life a whole new meaning without even us noticing and Finally a Deep idea of Ayurveda science and its practices 


Total evaluation for 200 Hour Meditation Teacher Training Course ismentioned below:

  • Written Marks: Assignment and examination included.
  • Practical Marks: Conduction of Meditation sessions and designing are included.
  • Conduction by students will be a mandatory criterion.
  • Attendance should be 80% and if absent then there should be a valid reason for it and students must inform beforehand.

Accomplish Worldwide Recognized Certification:

We provide certificates which are recognized worldwide as our 200 hour Meditation teacher Training is recognized by Yoga Alliance and once you completed the course you can register in Yoga Alliance as Registered Meditation Teacher(RYT), not only this certificate is recognized worldwide but it also gives you the recognition and makes you recognized worldwide and gives you infinite opportunities from getting a job anywhere in the world to starting your own Meditation studio anywhere around the globe.


  • Travel desk is available
  • Open Garden
  • First Aid Kit Available
  • Lakeside Dining
  • Laundry
  • Internet – Wi-Fi
  • Bicycle Rental
  • Lakeside Cafe
  • Ayurvedic Spa
  • Lake Boating
  • Doctors On Emergency
  • Open Dining Hall


1. What is 200 Hour Meditation TTC?
It is the minimum required qualification to become a certified Meditation Teacher as after completion of the course one can register in Yoga Alliance. 200 Hour Meditation TTC includes every basic fundamental of Meditation.
2. Is there any experience required to enrol in 200 Hour Meditation TTC?
Absolutely no, you can join the course without any experience as it is a beginner course which is meant to give students experience.
3. Can a pregnant woman join the course?
Yes, absolutely you can also meditation is beneficial to do during pregnancy days as it helps in keeping you calm and stress free.
4. What should I do after 200 Hour of Meditation TTC?
After doing 200 Hour Meditation TTC you can easily become a certified Meditation teacher just by applying at Yoga Alliance for RYT, if you think you are not ready to teach students already then you can take your time for deepening your knowledge completely in Meditation after that teach as a Meditation Teacher.
5. Is Kerala safe for travelling alone?
Yes, Kerala is one of the safest states in India and is one of the most praised destinations by travellers who visit this paradise and freshen their minds with the refreshing vibes here.
6. How you should prepare yourself before joining the 200 Hour Meditation Teacher Training course?
You don’t have to take much pressure on yourself even if you don’t want to prepare yourself then just make sure to join the course with an open mind and a strong will to learn Meditation. Just practice meditation in the free time and you are good to go.
7. Do I have to wait and practice Meditation before starting teaching or should I just start teaching Meditation?
It completely depends on you, what you want to do you can either wait and practice Meditation or you can just register with Yoga Alliance and start teaching after completing your course. You can practice Meditation for as long as you want mostly 1-2 years of experience is enough to teach as a Meditation Teacher also Yoga Alliance recommend 2 years of experience. Also, there is no problem with instantly teaching once you get certified because the important thing is being certified as a Meditation Teacher.
8. Is the food over there vegan?
We provide 100% vegetarian food but not vegan but there is no need for you to worry leave it to us you just have to inform us beforehand so that we can make special arrangements for you.