Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training In Bangalore

  • Ace the ancient art of yoga practice befit for every stage of pregnancy and motherhood with Rishikul Yogashala’s 85 Hour Pre and Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training in Bangalore, India. Amidst the magnificent setting of Garden City fulfill your goal of yogic adventure by learning from our eminent yoga gurus and revered teachers. Get trained to help 'would-be' moms in their voyage full of emotional rush, physical mental changes, and help them to stay fit, positive, strong, stress-free, and rejuvenated.


Motherhood starts the very day a woman conceives a child and is the most beautiful phase for every woman. But it is also a time that brings a lot of challenges and changes in women’s body, mind, and emotional health.

All would-be-mothers need special care and attention, and nothing is better than doing it the ancient way.

Crafted well and suited best for qualified teachers, yoga teacher training graduates who have recently completed their training or still pursuing, and professional prenatal caretakers who work or wish to work with pregnant ladies and ladies after giving birth.

The 85 Hours Pre and Post Natal yoga teacher training by Rishikul is registered with Yoga Alliance and is extremely beneficial for keen practitioners who are pregnant or new mothers.

The program trains you to be the ideal caretakers providing all the attention, support, guidance, and care- because yoga helps a lot. During the program, the teaching concentrate on yoga’s therapeutic applications, and its principles to achieve the stages of pregnancy safely and effectively.

What you would learn from the program?

  • Modification of asanas and the importance of practicing gentle yoga during and post pregnancy.
  • Yoga practice and modification of asanas for each trimester considering the individual’s need.
  • Usage of props and learning how to use adjustment and alignment technique during pregnancy.
  • Benefits and contradictions of yoga practice during pregnancy.
  • Postnatal yoga practice- asanas, sequences, recovery techniques, etc.
  • Importance of right breathing practicing breathing exercises/Pranayama.
  • Yoga Philosophy: Vedic and Yogic view on pregnancy and motherhood.
  • Physiology, anatomy, and hormonal changes during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum.
  • Experience of teaching and how to prepare a class.
  • Psychological considerations during pregnancy.
  • Channel the inner wisdom of the creative force- Shakti through Meditation practice.
  • Knowledge of essential herbs and nutrition for pregnancy and postnatal cycle.
  • Carnatic chanting for childbirth and Mantra for pregnancy.
  • Learn about conscious parenting.


85 Hour Pre and Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training in India: Curriculum Overview

Training, Techniques, and Practice
The training and techniques are customized as per the requirements of the pregnant lady, including teaching and practice skills for every trimester. These techniques are postural alignment with and without props for every stage of pregnancy, breathing techniques to relieve stress and feel relaxed, the art of positive thinking, and various meditation and relaxation techniques.
Teaching Methodology
It is the class that is designed to let you know how to structure your own yoga session, both for the beginner and advanced students for each trimester.
Anatomy and Physiology
Study of Human anatomical and physiological changes during pregnancy and postnatal, and in the class you learn about the in-depth overview of organ functioning during pregnancy, different complication like premature labour, hypertension, miscarriage, and techniques.
Yoga Philosophy
The class lets you understand the philosophical aspects of yoga and pregnancy, and how philosophy can help us to prepare for conscious parenthood. It is also make you understand the meaning of yoga and its execution in context of pregnancy and motherhood.
Practice of teaching under experts: Practical exam of teaching



sample daily schedule
  • 05.00 - 06:00 AM
  • .......................
  • Morning Tea
  • 06:00 - 07:30 AM
  • .......................
  • Hatha asana practice
  • 07:45 - 08:45AM
  • .......................
  • am Pranayama / Breathing Exercises
  • 09:00 - 10:00 am
  • .......................
  • Breakfast
  • 10:30 - 11:30 pm
  • .......................
  • Theory lecture – I (Anatomy & Physiology / Philosophy)
  • 12:00 - 01:00 pm
  • .......................
  • Theory lecture – II (Anatomy & Physiology / Philosophy)
  • 01:00 - 01:45 pm
  • .......................
  • Lunch
  • 02:00 - 03:30 pm
  • .......................
  • Self-study
  • 03.30 - 03.45 pm
  • .......................
  • Herbal tea
  • 03.45 - 05.45 pm
  • .......................
  • Teaching Methodology / Practicum / Teaching Practices
  • 06:00 - 07:00 pm
  • .......................
  • Mantra chanting / meditation / yoga nidra
  • 07:00 - 07:45 pm
  • .......................
  • 08:00 pm
  • .......................
  • Self-study / rest for the day
schedule on sunday

The full day is Rest/Holiday/Field Visits

Includes Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner in Campus

our yoga teachers

Nisha Ahya

Nisha Ahya is an experienced and 200 Hour & 300 Hour RYT with Yoga Alliance USA, holding expertise in Hatha Yoga, Hatha Flow Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Pre-Natal Yoga, Kids Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Yoga Anatomy, Pranayama, and Yoga Nidra.

She started yoga at the very young age of 13 years, and since then she has never looked back. She obtained her formal education at various places in India like Madurai, Mysore, and Chennai.

She is a certified prenatal yoga teacher and loves Hatha session, but finds immense pleasure to guide pregnant women in their beautiful journey towards motherhood. Teaching pre and postnatal yoga fills her heart with warmth and joy, Nisha also helps women with postpartum recovery.

Nisha believes and hopes to inspire people through her teaching, and motivate them to live a life of wellness adding true flavors of positivity, creativity, joy, health, peace, and confidence.

Yoga Alliance Certificate in 85Hours

The 85 Hour Pre and Post Natal yoga teacher training in Bangalore with Rishikul Yogashala bestows a unique and ultimate experience of getting specialized knowledge on helping women in pregnancy and postpartum. During the program, you get trained under the guidance of venerated masters and yoga gurus learning a different aspect of yoga and its philosophies in the context of pre and postnatal yoga. The teachers also guide to show you to the right path in your yogic voyage, so that you successfully complete the training program and register yourself as RYT.


After spending a day following the rigorous training schedule, restful sleep in a clean and hygienic room is what you need. Understanding the need, we facilitate our students with the best accommodation where they can relax and focus simply on their training. During your stay in Bangalore, you feel at home at our cozy and neat rooms that are embodied well with basic amenities for a happy and comfortable stay. Enrich the body, mind, and soul in a yogic ambiance of the school that ensures the peaceful quiet time. Encircled with nature in abundance, the accommodation facility makes your stay pleasant.

Food At Center

Proper and complete nourishment of the body, mind, and soul is required for the students to make out most of their training program. Making it the important reason, we emphasize so much on the nourishment facilities, which we provide through our healthy and delicious meals. We at Rishikul Yogashala serve balanced three meals in a day with herbal drinks for complete nourishment. The food is prepared freshly by our trained chefs using organic products and medicinal herbs. For the successful completion of the program, you need complete health benefits.

Training Outcome of 85 Hours Pre and Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training Course

  • Profound knowledge of human anatomy and physiology with reference to pregnancy.
  • Knowledge of specialized yoga technique- trimester-specific, postpartum, asana, relaxation, pranayama, meditation, etc.
  • Learn about the importance of yoga philosophyand its significance when it comes to prenatal.
  • Understand the role of the relationship between a healthcare professional and prenatal yoga teacher during pregnancy.
  • Learn how to help would-be-mothers in their journey of motherhood by showing them the right path of self-care and wellness.
  • You become eligible to get yourself registered as RPYT getting awarded with Yoga Alliance USA certificate.

Center Location

Infamous for being a tech hub and garden city of India, Bangalore is a place where people are living stress bound life crediting to their modern lifestyle. This calls for the dire need of yogic practice, and the tremendous facility of yoga schools and studios is making Bangalore a new metro yogic hub.

Our center is located at a place encircled with natural galore providing yoga perfect ambiance for a soulful practice of the ancient art. Making your training session memorable there are certain places with historical and natural significance to visit during the excursion and feel yourself close to nature and art.