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Elastic stockings are medical stockings which applies proper Compression to avoid/ relief veins problems.
SI-MED is own brand of Sindhoori Surgicals we designed, created, manufactured

By our own medical principles with graduated compression, LB stretch, non allergic and assured venous pumping as a SHIRSHASANA

SI-MED is one of best brand in India, Proper and exact medical compression gradient to pump venous return.
Elastic stocking are used for treatment and prevent DVT, Post Odema, Varicose veins. Filariasis and CVI (Chronic Venous insufficiency.)
Medical grade stockings
graduated compression stockings (highest pressure at ankle and lowest pressure at calf/thigh)
Stockings must be two way stretch i.e., it is elastic in all direction and fits without wrinkling
It should have class of compression not with problems like Vericose veins, DVT and filariasis etc.
Open toe/ close toe
Latex free/ polyamide/ pure cotton/ anti bacterial/ washable.
Anti embolism stockings (HOSPITAL) - SI-MED
Compression stockings (PHLEBOLOGY) - SI-MED
Support stockings (TRAVEL)

It is easy to explain how a compression stockings works : the pressure of the stockings constricts the diameter of vein the venous valves are close again, thus reducing the amount of blood flowing back down in to the legs.

The smaller diameter of the veins means that the blood flows more quickly again, which prevents the formation of blood clots or thrombus. The medically prescribed drop in pressure from the foot up to the thigh accelerates the flow of blood back to the heart. When the legs are moved, the stockings forms an external barrier for the muscles, which makes for a more effective muscle-pumping action.

Wearing a compression stocking is generally not pleasant, as is usually suggested. If you wear a correctly stocking, it immediately has a noticeable relieving and is a real treat for your legs.

Compression stockings have a defined pressure course from the ankle to the thigh. This is the main difference from support stockings that are not subject to standard. These means that only the compression stocking.

Compression therapy for venous diseases
Inelastic and instantly adjustable compression garments for the treatment of venous diseases.
circaid products enable patient engagement earlier in the treatment of venous diseases and improve complains with compression therapy.
Cost-effective compared to bandages
Time saving compared to bandages
Safer and simpler tratment compared to bandages: no more wrinkles and complicated bandaging techniques
Better outcomes for your patients: self managing techniques impriove patient complience.
circaid juxtalite lower leg
Inelastic compression garment for venous diseases.
CEAP C2 - C5
For those patients who are not able to apply compression stockings due to lack of limitations or other severe comorbidities.
Guaranteed compression profile
Inelastic material for high working pressure
Garment straps can be individually readjusted while on the limb
Anti-odour and anti-microbial fabric
Latex-free for skin-friendly wearing comfort
Sustained compression with defined mmHg for up to 24 hours a day if required
Promoters self-management: instantly adjustable for easy application
Promoters patients empowerment: easy donning and doffing process
Promotes a better quality of life: improves hygiene
Promotes normal range of movement
Offering an alternative therapy concept for those patients who are not able to apply compression stockings
Available in 8 sizes (S - XXL, M/L/XL extra wide) and 2 lengths(short,long)
circaid juxtafit essential leg garments
Inelastic compression garments for the lower and upper leg
Mild to serve lymphoedema
For patients who are unable to apply medical compression stockings
Guaranteed compression profile
BPS to set and control the correct therapeutic pressure range
Garments can be individually readjusted while on the limb
Anti-odour and anti-microbial fabric
Latex-free for skin-friendly wearing comfort
Sustained compression for up to 24 hours a day if required
Promoters self-management: instantly adjustable
Promoters patients empowerment: easy donning and doffing process
Promotes a better quality of life: removable for bathing and skin care
Promotes normal range of movement
Time-saving application compared to bandages
Cost-effective (reusable, less time) solution compared to bandages
Minimal patient education required
Upper leg with knee: available in 6 sizes (XXS - XL) and 3 lengths (extra short, long)
Lower leg: availble in 8 sizes (S - XXL, M/L/XL extra wide) and 2 lengths (short, long)
  For Smooth & Supple Skin and Relief from itching and irritation to Prevent Hypertrophic Scars, Keloids and Post burn Scars.

To Support for Post Liposuction, After Weight Reduction, After bariatric Surgery etc.,

To Control Swelling in Upper Limb (PML)
Compression Jackets   Compression Gearments for lower Extremities   Medical Compression Gearments
Finalizes and stabiles the result of liposuction surgery or liposculpture by means of correct medical compression and optimal function. It assists postoperative compression therapy after abdominoplasty and support of slackened connective tissue, e.g. after pregnancy.
Chin - Neck Bandage Hooked Under Breast - Ankle Zipper Body Corset Zipper Under Breast - Below Knee
Zipper Under Breast - Above Knee Hooked Panty Corset Arm Corset Hooked Under Breast - Below Knee
Hooked Under Breast - Above Knee Zipper Post - Operative Bra Breast - Arm
Below breast to ankle Below breast to below knee Below breast to mid thigh Below breast to upper thigh
Waist to ankle Waist to below knee Waist to mid thigh Waist to upper thigh

Bra: The bras is a multifunctional bra that offers outstanding wearability and provides all the specific compression needed following cosmetic breast surgery. This is suitable for both reduction and augmentation mammoplasty.

Chinstrap: Optimum compression treatment is especially important following liposuction in the chin area. Chin strap serves as an effective compression bandage for this area. Chin strap is very comfortable to wear. The material’s high elasticity allows it to adjust perfectly to facial contours for effective compression treatment, while skin-friendly breath ability ensures a fresh feel. An integrated colour coding system makes it easier to apply chin strap correctly. The Velcro fasteners ensure a sure hold.

Post lipo section (after lipo section)
Lipo Sculpture
Post Bariatric treatment
Post weight loss treatment
Post burn scar treatment
Arms sleeves & Gloves
  Post Mastectomy lymphoedema: is defined as subcutaneous soft tissue swelling. Lymphoedema develops when the lymphatic system can no longer transport lymph, a tissue fluid, due to insufficiency (primary) or damage caused by trauma (secondary). The resulting pooling of water and protein in the tissues causes the swelling. The protein may cause chronic tissue inflammation which eventually leads to the formation of connective tissue fibres.
Arms sleeves & Compression Gloves   Artificial Breast Prtosthesis
Abdomen support
Post Delivery
Post laparotomy
Post Weight Loss
Post Liposuction
Incisional Hernia Belt
Nasal Implant – (Nose)
Chin – (Chin Implant)
Malar Implant
Ear Implant
Mandible implant
Breast implant
Testicular implant
Penile implant
Calf implant
Pectoral implant, Specialty implant
Gluteal Implant
Speciality implants :
Phalangeal implants
Tendon Spacer
Nostril Retainer
Silicon Block
Nasal Implant – (Nose): Nasal implant can be used for correcting the deformity of nose. It can available in straight and ‘L’ shape with the material of silicon / medpore.  
Chin Implant – (chin): Chin augmentation using surgical implants can alter the underlying structure of the face, providing better balance to the facial features. Available in two version Short and Long Version  
Malar Implant - (Cheek): Malar augmentation uses implants, usually made of silicon/medpor material, to make cheek bones more prominent and give better definition to the face.  
Ear Implant: An implant used to make shape to ear (best for Congenital ear deformity, post trauma loss of ear) or more of the ear ossicles. They are usually made of silicon and medpore.  
Mandible Implant: Implant can used get proper shape of mandible (Cosmetic & Cancer)  
Breast Implant: breast implant are very popular to enhance the breast size it is in two shapes like round/ anatomical (teardrop) are made of silicon gel / saline filled (birth defect, cosmetic purpose & post mastectomy (P.O. Cancer))
Poly urethane Implant: the implant are smooth / textured surface profile low/ moderate/ high / extra high profile.  
Testicle Implants: Implantable devices designed for cosmetic testicle reconstruction and/or augmentation (by birth defect)  
Penile Implant: An implant that creates an artificial erection  
Calf Implant: Calf implants can be used to add bulk and definition to calf muscles, dramatically improving the appearance of the lower legs.  
Gluteal Implant - (Butt): Butt implants, also called buttock augmentation, or gluteal implants, are usually only performed by a small, select group of plastic and cosmetic surgeons who have performed thousands of these procedures and have the extensive experience required in forming (sculpting), and placing the solid silicone implants that are used in the medical procedure most often  
  For effective and prevention of keloids post burn scars and hypertrophic scars
Sizes: 10x10, 5x5, 6x12
foot CARE products
Diabetic Socks
Arch support
Web Spacer Toe Covers
Silicone heel Cups
Ot shoes
Silicone insole
Chappals, Sandals, Shoes
Full Length Silicon Insoles
Darco (Front/Back off load shoes)
Health Care Products
There are so many products are available in the market but we have scientifically designed / medically approved products for Neck, Shoulder, Elbow, Back, Wrist, Knee and ankle.
L.S. Belt (Lumbo Sacral belt), (Scientifically Curved Aluminium Bars) Eyelet for, Standard space for right support foam support
Wrist Support
Elbow support
Backrest you can
use in cars, sofa, chair etc
Wrist Wrap
Elbow support
Knee Cap
Elbow Support
Wrist support
Coccyx cushion
Back rest in car and chair
Breast enhancing cream
Derma Rollers Ear Pressure Vaginal Dilators Derma Color
Physiotherapy / Rehabilitation
Traction Kits
Cervical Collars
coccyx cushion
Knee Support
Roho Cushion
Hand Splint
Wheel chairs
hot and cold gel packs
Foot Drop Splint
mouth opener
Walker & Tripod Stick
Crape Bandage
Cockup Splint
Medi Ortho (
SCD/SCT Pumps: SCD ( Sequential Compression Device) is designed to limit the development of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and Peripheral Edema in immobile patients. When a patient is immobile for long periods of time, as in recuperation from an injury, blood tends to pool in the calf area of the lower leg. To combat this tendency, clinicians use the Sequential Compression Device. This consists of an air pump connected to a disposable sleeve by a series of air tubes. The sleeve is placed around the patient’s leg. Air is then forced into different parts of the sleeve in sequence, creating pressure around the calves and improving venous return.

Patient should use medical compression stockings followed SCD/SCT treatment.
Sternal Corset / Support Bra
For male patient: the sterna corset is light weight and extremely comfort for all patient special foam pad for proper support and comfort. The two bands for goods strip and straight fitting. It is available in 14 sizes from 28 – 54 inches (for all sternum cases)

For female patient Support Bra: It is excellent support for sternotomy patient. Cosmetic purpose breast reduction, lifting and augmentation.
Ripple Bed
  The Ripple Mattress is sold with a separate pump that alternates the pressure in the 'rippled compartments" so that each section has a differnet pressure to the one next to it.
In simple terms, it constantly changes the weight bearing area of the body thereby helping to prevent pressure sores from developing.
For low-risk or users or temporary use.
Vegas Bandage
it is specially designed for filariasis odema / Lymphodema patient it will give high compression (like class – IV) medically proved to control odema it will make limb to fit for stocking (Reduction in size)
Ortho Products
Medi Arm Sling
Protect. Arm sling
Medi Shoulder Sling
Protect. Clavical support
Medi SAK
Medi SAK 15o
Medi SAK 45o
medi elastic elbow support
Protect. Epi
medi elbow strap
protect Epi. strap
Epico ROMs
protect Epico ROMs
Manumed RFX
medi wrist support
protect wrist support
medi CTS
medi thumb support
protect finger stax
Cervical spine
Protect. Collar soft
Protect. Collar Tracheo   
Thoraculumber Spine
medi posture plus force
Spinomed II
Medi 3C
Medi 4C
Medi 4C Flex
Protect Abdominal Support
Lumber Spine
Lumbamed Basic
Protect Lumbaforte
Lumbamed Plus
Lumbamed Stabil
Protect Lumbostyle
Lumbamed disc
Lumbamed sacro
protect. Maternity belt
Epicomed E+motion
Lumbamed plus E+motion
Genumedi E+motion
Levamed E+motion
Medi hip orthosis         
Medi hip one
Medi ortho cox
medi elastic knee support
protect. Genu
medi patella tendon support
Genumedi PT
Genumedi PSS
Genumedi Pro
protect. St
protect. St pro
M.4s / M.4s comfort
protect.4 evo
protect.OA soft
M.3s OA
M.4s OA
protect.4 OA
medi ROM / ROM cool
protect. ROM
medi PTS
protect.knee immobilizer
medi elastic ankle support 501
protect. Leva strap
protect. Achi
protect. Ankle air
protect Ankle Lace Up
protect. Ankle foot orthosis
medi ROM Walker
medi Walker boot
protect. Air ROM Walker
protect. Air Walker boot
protect Silicone Insole / protect Heel Soft
medi Kidz
medi Armsling Kidz
M. step Kidz
medi Walker boot Kidz
medi Classic Kidz
Breast Prosthetics (Artificial silicon pads)
We can provide breast prosthetics to mastectomy patient, Post operative injury and birth defect breast and also for cosmetic purpose.